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Freedom Diving with SUP Lesson

Quick Details

Adult (Age 12+) with transfer to/from hotel
Child (Age 8-11) with transfer to/from hotel

Enjoy a Day of Freedom Diving and SUP in Guam!

This fun day on the water combines two of our favorite activities: freedom diving and stand-up paddle boarding! See the wonders of Guam above and below the water.

Freedom diving is a unique way to experience the underwater world. Unlike most diving styles, there is no heavy equipment or air tanks to wear, making it a much more enjoyable dive for beginners and experienced divers alike.

It’s great for families with children 8 and up to dive together! Small groups of four per guide let you get the best view of our beautiful reefs.

After an exciting dive, get above the water and learn to SUP! Enjoy the views of the island as you paddle along the beach.

  • Great fun for families with kids 8 and older.
  • Small groups for each dive
  • See a pristine coral reef with tropical fish swimming about.
  • Learn to stand-up paddle board the right way!
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