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A spinner dolphin's dream


Sunsplash! A spinner dolphin’s dream

English version

A 48-page book about a young spinner dolphin’s adventures!

Loaded with pictures of spinner dolphins and other marine animals in their natural habitat.

A story of a young spinner dolphin growing up. “Sunsplash!” comes alive with full color photos beginning with a baby dolphin named Chibi’s birth. Learn about a wild spinner dolphin pod as they enjoy their exciting lives. Chibi decides early on she does not want to be like the rest of the dolphins and must develop a style of her own. The photos used in the book were taken over a period of 8 years and most have not been seen anywhere else before. Written in a way that children will enjoy, with a story that will teach everyone more about the spinner dolphins interesting way of life. The book is dedicated to the whales and dolphins of our planet and our children who must learn to save them.

For Windows operating systems only.